Testimonials from our Clients and Friends:

I know that our family’s pets will always get the best care at River Road Vet Clinic. One of the best features from River Road Vet Clinic is that the staff and Vets know the latest in modern medicine for pets. It is like they are always in medical school, and they pass this information onto us, their patients. Holly 


Dr. Whitford was very attentive to my cat, Chelsea, and was very willing to explain issues and answer questions. As a result, she had a calming effect on me, as I knew Chelsea was in good hands. Anne


We had a great experience with bringing our dog to her appointment. Every one was GREAT and very friendly to us and our pup as well! We liked how welcoming and friendly everyone was and how great they were with our dog and understanding that she was new to us. We had a great first experience. Thank you everyone! Samantha


Thank you for the great care Tucker received last week. With all of the strange issues he has going on at this time, I really appreciated the numerous phone calls to consult with PEAK as well as the thoroughness of his exam. Also appreciated the vet techs for sending pictures to PEAK and assisting with his care. Thank you for everything. Robin


We like that the clinic and staff are clean and that the staff are welcoming and caring, not to mention the excellent services to the dogs. Your service is always exemplary, thank you! Tom and Josie


I love my vet! The staff always very friendly, loving, compassionate. Always so good to my animals. Antoinette


We love the extra concern and love you give to Tyrone and Jesse as well as other pets you care for. The concern for June’s surgery that went well. The flowers were great. Thank you Dr. Pinello and staff! Robert and June


Thank you for taking care of Bella! I love that we can count on you to take good care of our dog. Marjorie and Jim 


The staff explains everything so you understand and they take such good care of our dog Bella and treat her like family! Lisa


Our last visit was to board Calvin. It’s nice to be warmly greeted and to know that the staff has paid attention to Calvin. Gary


The staff is always so personable and remember me and my pets. Jason and Gwen


Very affectionate with my kitty. Very polite staff. Mary Lou


Kind responsive shows a genuine care for my dogs. Ronald


Deborah is fantastic as always. Completely professional takes great care of the animals is loving and interested in them and polite with me. She is a joy. I came to your practice because of her in the past year. Robyn


Great Friendly Service.  Christine is just a curious as to how Your wellness is doing as is your companions.  Christin understands they are one and the same. Randy


Very good experience for myself and my dogs. Carol


Great place.  I like that they pat my dog and welcome her.  very important to me to feel staff likes animals and will take the time to talk to her. Margo and Paul


Everyone was wonderful and I would recommend you in a heartbeat. Laura


Dr. Christine P. is wonderful kind knowledgeable helpful professional and super! Laura


I would recommend this clinic to anyone… staff are always helpful and I love the doctors. Danielle


Everyone is friendly and mostly puts my animals at ease.  That is why I like coming here.  My cat especially hates having his nails trimmed but he is always much more calm and controlled in your environment and that is why I pick you! Mary
RRVC Is an absolutely wonderful clinic. The staff are great and my animals receive wonderful care. Christina
I am grateful to the warm connection the staff make. Jennie
I am always pleased with the expert care that Oscar receives. The staff is very friendly and attentive. Thank you for all that you do! Joel
I am so grateful that such a well provided facility is so close to me and my dogs. All of you have been very helpful to me. Thank you. Jennie
What a great group of people! Will recommend to all. My pup loves LOVES everyone there. A lot. Fantastic. Jake
I have been going to River Rd Clinic for 6 years. I am extremely happy with my pet’s care.  I even had my son bring his dogs in for dental care during a visit from SC. Mary
 Excellent Veterinarian…very thorough and helpful. Very good with our dog. Also excellent staff at desk. It is always a good experience at River Rd Vet. Thank you. Judy


I always find River Road vet staff friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks for answering so many questions both from me and my children! Nicole


love it there and so do my pets! Jaimie


The staff is always so obliging and kind.The woman who worked with my cat Emma was amazing–a perfect combination of loving but firm with her and Emma can be quite difficult. She was also great at presenting the situation so I could make the best decision for Emma. I am so grateful. Neena


River Road Vet Clinic makes it easy to keep my pets up to date. They run on time I’m in and out with a routine appointment services are reasonably priced and their care is compassionate and thorough. Deb


Our pets always receive excellent care at RRVC. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have such professional  friendly and caring people taking care of them! Dr’s Pinello and Whitford and of course your technicians and office staff as well! Maryann


Everyone is very friendly. We have been going here ever since it opened up. Dr Pinello has seen us on a moments notice if it was necessary. We first met her when she worked with Dr McGrew down on Route 5 here in Norwich and we got our first dog which was a Black German Shepherd and he knocked Dr Pinnello’s glasses off her face…as he didn’t like whatever she was doing to him.  We forgot what it was now!  It was back in 1976-77. The clinic is also very knowledgeable with cats too and treats them with TLC. Ed and Joyce


Christine Pinello is such a good friend and has cared well for our dog through several difficult episodes over many years. Everyone is very kind and helpful. Donald
Excellent care and most important you are always there!  Sue


Friendly and professional. The technician who did the Lyme inoculation noticed that Fergus was shaking and took a moment to speak to him give him a pet and the. he was noticeably more relaxed. Aline


Christine our vet was wonderful. she is warm and non-judgmental and seems truly interested in my dog! She took time to explain all the options on treatment. Yvonne


This is by far the best in personality genuine carrying and friendly Vet clinic I have EVER experienced. I came in with Truman in the worse emotional state because of his illness and the way both he and owners treated at the Lat bet he had been to. We were both taken care of by Dr. Pinello and Mary. Everything was explained and I left there feeling grateful and happy. Mary


We love the clinic and our animals have been patients there for many years. Penny


Wonderful as always! The best staff and vet anyone could ask for. Anne


Always a wonderful experience. I know my pets are always going to receive the best care at River Road. Maryann
I brought in 3 very excited large dogs and everyone at River Road Vet helped. I know it was chaotic for the staff but they made me feel like I was important. I appreciate their friendly attitude and competence. Cameron, Weezie, Capers and Folly 


A pleasure as always when the visit is routine (but then the staff helped so well on another acute visit even that was positive). Staff definitely goes the extra mile! Laura


As always the visit was professional informational and friendly. All the staff are very professional and welcoming. Dr. Pinello is a “diamond!” we would be hard-pressed to find another Vet whom we could trust to care for our kitties.  thank you all so much for the compassionate and excellent care you provide! Maryann


Dr. Pinello and the staff have cared for our pets for 30 years! Caring and competent – you all are the best! Ginny


Everyone seems very knowledgeable and the vet called to follow up and see how the meds were working. Brooke


Friendly, professional, skilled and knowledgeable and very caring of the animals they care for. Sandra


I feel that I have a really good working relationship with Dr. Pinello and that we communicate effectively. Staff are always friendly and helpful. Liz


Dr. Pinello and her staff are always kind compassionate and knowledgable in taking care of our cats! They are the best! Brenda


We always feel the staff at River Road Veterinary Clinic put the best interest of our pet first.  We will continue to refer friends and family to your clinic. Carol and Terry
The staff was very pleasant. The clinic is a great place. The staff is professional and very nice. Dr. Pinello is a great vet..who clearly lives her job and animals. Vicki


Love the kitty treats and special care you bestow on my kitties. You are all purrfect and awesome in every way! Beth 


I like that we can get appointments promptly that everyone is very professional and that the staff and vets care about our dog. Marjorie


I appreciate the friendly and professional service that had been offered for decades. The location is convenient the clinic is well designed staff is friendly and professionals and everyone cares about me and the health of my pets. Mary


I love taking my pets/ family here. Every one is friendly and always on time and they understand pets are family. Danielle


They are always there when we need them. Like on Thursday October 8 we got Lilly by surprise in the morning we called and they  took her right in.  We had to cancel our 1 pm appointment  on Monday October 5th as Lilly went into hiding and we couldn’t get her. We had an appointment for Lilly on October 8 at 3:30 and by than she is wide awake and we knew pretty much we wouldn’t be able to get  a hold of her.  They always bend over backwards to accommodate us. All the staff including the vets are always so so friendly.  It is also so convenient having them close to town.  Edwin and Joyce


Seeing Mica as an individual rather than a generic cat with generic needs. Kathy


I always feel that the most important person  (Cali) in that room is our pet. Thank you – To me that is why I keep coming back. And I have referred you to other folks. Cheryl


I love coming to this office so does my puppy. You and you staff are wonderful 🙂 Patty and Brian


I LOVE this clinic I recommend it to anyone. I love how friendly everyone is and feel they know my animals are important to me. Danielle


Dr. Pinello and the tech and office staff are professional friendly and great to work with. Thank You for taking such wonderful care of our dogs over the years. Dr. Pinello inspires complete confidence . She always goes the extra mile to explain and support the hard decisions. Kathy


You are always there for us in any emergency any time!!! Been coming for 18 years. Nina


Going to the vet’s is such a pleasure thanks to the best staff they treat you like family! What l like most Is the fact that Dr Pinello personally knows the specialist your pet may have to see. That fact gave us a great deal of confidence when our dog was diagnosed with cancer. Robert and Jill


Helpful and friendly. Appreciated the staff engagement with my young and animal-loving daughter! Dan


Christine and staff are beyond wonderful!  Thank you for caring for our pets. Everyone cares….the best vet around. Anne and Gary


River Road Vet Clinic is very professionally run. It’s always clean and the staff is friendly. The beautiful flowers outside make it an exceptionally nice place to visit in the summer! I’ve always appreciated Dr Pinello’s knowledge and compassion when caring for my dogs. Elizabeth and Bill


We have been with River Road for almost 20 years. They have always given us the most complete and loving care for our dogs. They are always very clear and open about costs and options for procedures and issues. We have, sadly, lost 2 dogs to very early disease (1 at 4, 1 at 5) and their compassion and caring have shown through during those tough times as well. David


When our last old canine companion Herbie suddenly (but not unexpectedly) went into a state of ultimate crisis in the early winter, we knew that if we phoned Christine Pinello, who had cared for him and all our dogs for many years, she would know just what to do.  It was a dreadful snowy, sleety day, we were unable to get Herbie into the car for what we knew would be his final journey, and we were quite distressed. But Dr. Christine and her tech assistant came out straight away, and they provided for our Herbie a dignified end, free of fear, and for us just the right measure of comfort and pastoral care. We now await a new dog to come into our lives, but we are certain that one of the first people he or she will meet will be Christine Pinello at River Road. We know will serve both our canine and human needs with that same special brand of calm and reassuring intelligence that we have valued so much over the years. Susan and Kenneth 

Last weekend our dog Finn was injured quite badly. By the way, in almost 48 years of owning dogs, almost always two at a time, we have found that the emergency happens on a Sunday or, better yet, good and late on any night.  Translation – it’s always a dire emergency and the vet’s office is always closed! Since moving to Norwich almost 18 years ago we have called Dr. Christine Pinello our vet and she’s treated all of our dogs during that time, 6 dogs in all.  She or another doctor on her staff at River Road are always, always, available at a call for help, at any hour of the day or night, 365 days a year.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Pinello and I were chuckling on Sunday afternoon about all the times we’ve been together after hours with a ripped up dog. I’m sure there are other fine vets in the area, but we think she’s the finest. Susan


I have found that River Road Vet in Norwich is always available for emergency vet care, including Sundays or evenings – even home visits when needed. Dr. Christine Pinello also has my vote – kind, caring, and very smart. Anne

I wanted to add my name to people who absolutely recommend Christine Pinello and her River Road Veterinary Services.  If you have an emergency (or even if you don’t) she is excellent and always surprises me with her surefootedness and competence. I’ve unfortunately needed her emergency services no fewer than a half dozen times recently and she ALWAYS handled the call professionally, compassionately and with amazing calmness.  There’s nothing quite like a fresh bouquet of flowers to help say goodbye to a cherished pet.One particular morning comes to mind.  It was 5:45am on the fourth of July.  A holiday.  I called her certain nobody would answer or want to come out in early dawn on a holiday.  She was at my house in less than ten minutes, studied the situation for less than a second, told me what to do, and saved my precious cow’s life in a matter of minutes. I’m sure there are other good veterinarians out there but Christine will always be mine. Tom


The Vets are wonderful and caring, providing necessary information to help me make an informed decision. Anita

When my cat Harriette had to be put to sleep last year, two very compassionate ladies came to my home to comfort Harriette in her final hours, but also comforted myself and my nephew. She was a big part and a joy to our family and she is still very much missed. Many heartfelt thanks go out to all of the River Road Vets and the entire staff of the clinic. Not only do you care for each and every animal that you see and treat, but you also give that same compassion and understanding to people who love their pets. Many best wishes to all of you, and we hope from the Hicks home that you have a wonderful and joyous holiday season. Bobby

Love your clinic and the care my furbabies receive when they are in visiting you is fantastic!!!! Thanks to all of you! Erin

Great information given. Options. This is a new dog for us after years without. There were many things I hadn’t thought about and many of those things were brought to light. Thank you! Jon and Holly

We had to put our cat Teddy to sleep on our last visit, which was painful and deeply emotional for us. Dr. Melanson in particular was able to communicate in her words and manner an appreciation of Ted and of the feelings about his death. The rest of the staff were kind as well and I couldn’t have imagined how anyone could have done a more professional and compassionate job in such a trying time for us. What we liked most was not just that we received help and understanding at the death of our four-legged friend, but that he got such great care over the long run. We felt that the Staff really liked and appreciated Ted. Paul and Michelle

The staff was excellent. They went above and beyond an ordinary appointment They took time to answer all our questions and gave us info to take home. River Road Vet. Clinic is the best! Thank you. James

You always take such good care of Gary when he’s unwell. While we hate having to visit unexpectedly we love that you’re always right there! I’m glad our new kitty “Gus” will also be in such good hands! You are attentive and understanding and always provide a complete explanation of the problem and helpful insight into the appropriate options. Scott

I recently contacted Dr. Christine Pinello, owner of River Road Veterinary Clinic in Norwich, VT because my dog “Zephyr” had developed a growth on the inside of her left eyelid. It was slowly getting larger and rubbing on her eye every time she blinked. I knew it would need to be surgically removed to prevent permanent damage to the eye. I have known Dr. Pinello for many years and highly respect her.  She does an integrated practice combining the newest and best veterinary practices with herbalism and acupuncture. Christine has kept in touch with me since the surgery which I appreciate very much.  She phoned me to say the results were back from the test run on the growth and it was indeed benign.Christine has a wonderful staff of highly qualified people working with her. It was very obvious how deeply they all care about providing the best service for all their clients and their beloved pets.Her clinic provides service to a large variety of small animals, reptiles and horses. I  highly endorse and recommend Dr. Pinello and her staff for all of your veterinary needs. April Frost, Animal Behaviorist, Animal Communicator

We are, and will always be so very grateful to you for your nudge to John to say “yes” to taking our Rosie home from your office when she was only ten weeks old. Now at 13 1/2 years old, Rosie is still such a bright light in our everyday. Thank you, thank you! I never had a doubt from the moment I laid eyes on her that she’d be perfect for us. Kay, John and Rosie

I am most thankful to you both for having been so understanding and kind helping me to take the best care that I am able to of my beloved Madeline and her “baby: Sailor. Your help has been a true blessing to me in these difficult times. Thank you again for your kindness! And all my wishes of joy and peace to your entire dedicated staff! Leoni, Madeline and Sailor

This thank-you card does not come close to being able to express the gratitude I have for all of you and everything you have done for Marley. Though I loved him so very much, it was hard for me to take care of him while finding him a home, and I could not have gotten through the summer without all of your care and support. Not only is he now cured of Heartworm, but you went above and beyond in June when he had seizures all night. He is now in a loving home in NY on a 30 acre farm able to run free and have lots of human interaction. Again, it would not have been possible without all of your support. Throughout the years you have always taken such wonderful, compassionate care of all our animals- cats, dogs, and chickens alike- and have helped make pet owning a delightful and rewarding experience. Thank you all so much for all that you do! Emma

Thanks so much for your caring and compassionate work in finding warm homes for homeless creatures. You provide a real service. Jack and Carol

Abundant thanks to everyone at River Road for all you have done for us and for our dogs. Kenneth and Susan

I just wanted to thank you so much for the care and kindness you have given my dogs. You are a doctor with a gentle, loving heart- enough mushiness, but your staff is WONDERFUL too! Marsha

Thank you for your nice call about Finch and the recent note from your staff. We do indeed miss our sweet dog. Thank you also for your compassionate care of Finch as well as of our other dogs over the years. we have felt lucky to be part of the RRVC family. Leeli

I wanted to THANK YOU for all your care for Max. I appreciate everything you’ve done for us and I recommend you highly to all my friends in the Upper Valley. If it wasn’t 2 hours away we’d still be coming to you! Thank you Dr. Pinello! If Max and I are in the area we’ll stop in to say hello! Heather and Max

I want to say a huge thank you to the friendly, caring and compassionate staff at the clinic. They are the only vet clinic that took in my pet duckling when he was sick and same day appointment. Unfortunately my duckling passed later that night and a week later I got a very heartfelt card in the mail expressing their sympathies. They are truly a wonderful group of people who take the time and open their heart for the 2, 3 or 4 legged pets in your life. I won’t go anywhere else again! Katrina

This note comes to say a most sincere “Thank you” to each and every one of you for all the special care that you gave to dear tiny Angel- then she visited your clinic and when she stayed while I was away- and then finally for helping her on her way to the happy hunting grounds. She was full of light and life and joy and delight. A profound thank you for everything. Marilyse 
We so appreciated your wonderful care for Saysee, her quiet death when it was time, your thoughtful card and beautiful flowers from the garden. We miss her but she truly loves life and thought “life was a ball.” Thanks! Mary-Margaret and Worth
I want to thank you for 22 years of compassionate and skillful care of my animals and especially for my last 14 years with Ilsa. Ilsa has come in with a ripped chest, a torn ear, a dog bite in the skill, a gouge in her hindquarters and the usual and ordinary things. Thanks to you and your dedicated staff, she has recovered from the unusual events and maintained good health and great joy all these years.  It has been a comfort to know you were there. Thank you for today, too. Your gentleness and understanding are deeply appreciated. Also, your skill and compassion in helping Ilsa out of a lot of discomfort. The greatest gift has been your calm presence and swift aid when Ilsa has needed attention. Thank you for so many things. Priscilla
Thank you so much for the outstanding care of Ticker. I appreciate the extra effort many of you made to help Tucker when he was not feeling well. Thank you for the extra time many of you put in in order to make him comfortable and help him feel better. It is so reassuring to know that everyone at River Road recognizes how important our pets are and are willing to go the extra mile to care for our 4-legged children! Again, thank you so much for the extraordinary care that was provided for Tucker. I truly appreciate the care he has received and know how all of you truly care about the animals in your care. Robin
Thank you for making time in your schedule to help us understand Lucy’s condition. Your competence and care with humans and animals is excellent! Jen
Thank you, thank you!  You saved Sandstreak’s life.  Three weeks ago, I called because I was worried about our little Russian Tortoise, who has been with us for two years. Normally, he’s quite active and has a healthy appetite. But now, suddenly (within a day), he wasn’t moving at all and had swollen eyelids and bubbles around his mouth. Elisa, who answered the phone, said that this was an emergency and that I should bring him in right away. Half an hour later, you were examining him and expressing great concern.  He was very sick with a respiratory infection. You gave him fluid and prescribed antibiotic injections, taking care to figure out just the right dose and course of treatment. I went home with a bottle of antibiotic, a bag full of syringes and needles, a dietary supplement, detailed instructions on how to care for him, and with a fear that he was going to die. Well, three days later, I called you again with great news. Sandstreak perked up, and started drinking and eating and moving about. Now, he is bright, voracious, and active as usual. What an amazing recovery!  My husband and I and our young son (who gave Sandstreak his name) are relieved and delighted. We are very grateful to you and your wonderful staff for recognizing our pet’s illness and taking such good care of him. Felixa


I would like to say a very Big THANK YOU for the great care that you gave my Max through his years with us. When we had to put him to rest you helped in a big way with the grief of his passing. (I miss my friend), you made it easier for me by easing my mind that I made the right decision to end his pain. Thank you all for what you have done. Diana


We can’t say thank you enough for helping us through our sad loss of Danny. You are so caring and we could not have made it without you. Whitney

Thank you so very much for all of your extremely generous efforts in helping us care for and ultimately save Charlie! Never did we expect that so many people would want to help us like you did and show such interest and concern for his welfare! It was amazing, overwhelming, inspiring- a beautiful gift. Not only did you save him, but you taught our sons a valuable lesson about the kindness and compassion of strangers and of the importance of “paying it forward”. Thank you so much! Best wishes for the New Year! Kami, Mike, Ryan and Nolan

Shadow is thriving thanks to you. You cried for her because she survived [the fire] despite being a walking skeleton. I attribute her toughness and contentedness- despite her thyroid problem- to your wise care and advice. You did blood work and IV treatment and loaded me up with food for her without charging me a dime. Your caring and generosity have touched me deeply not just now, but over the decades. What a wonderful vet- and friend! Judy

Thank you for all of your wonderful help in 2013. Much appreciated! Catherine and the birds

I wanted to express my gratitude for your care yesterday (and the day before) for Sid the big orange cat. In particular I wanted to than Dr. Melanson and all the techs that helped make Sid’s final days as comfortable as possible. He was truly a special cat. Thank you so much. Caitlyn and family

Thank you for everything you do everyday- to help so many animals with expertise, quality care and kindness. You give so much to the many who trust and believe in your amazing knowledge and wisdom. My son, dog and I want to wish you a very special new Year and Valentine’s day and reinforce how much we appreciate what you do for many families who lve and cherish their animals. Keep up your wonderful service to the community. God bless you always. M & K

Thank you so very much for coming out so late at night to tend to my dear Savannah. Your kindness, expertise and compassion meant so much to me. I know we did everything we could for her. Your kind follow-up call and beautiful card meant more to me than I can say. Thank you for being there for me and my sweet Savannah. Heidi

Thank you so much for your kind and compassionate care of Beau and me! The flowers are still beautiful- so sweet of you to share them with me. I am so grateful for all of you. Cynthia

I wanted to thank the awesome people that have watched over our two dogs and other two dogs before. I have been with the River Road Clinic for over 25 yrs. You have seen us through the death of two beloved dogs and now watch over our two present dogs. Our 13yr. old cocker spaniel is blind and deaf and you are helping me give her quality care. You have helped my border collie with behavior issues and regular health care. I recommend you to my friends and two of them have come to you. Thank you everyone! The Eck family

I want to thank you and your staff for your kindness and support during the loss of my dog, Bear. Laura and Dr. Berger and you on Saturday night trying to find a good resolution to Bear’s condition. Sunday morning, your kindness and Lilyann’s support helped me though this difficult time. You are amazing professionals and people. I can’t adequately show how I appreciate your loving care of Bear and support and guidance for me. Bless you all. Bonnie. 

Thank you so much for everything you could do for Missy and I. Deb

We can not thank you all enough for your kindness, understanding, hard work, extra time and special things that you all did to help Autumn get better. It means a lot. You guys are the BEST. Thank you so very much! Eric, Karen, and Autumn

Thank you so much for your kindness last week when we had to make the difficult decision to put our dog, Winston to sleep. Though it was the right decision it was very hard. Your compassion was a blessing in this sad situation. We appreciate the vase of beautiful flowers and the very kind card. Thank you again for all you did to help. Suzy and Eric

Thank you for the good care you gave Casey over the years. Very great appreciation to Dr. Melanson for your kindness in her final days. Joann

Thank you all for treating us so kindly during this difficult time with our 16 year old Rosie. Jane and Bob

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful care of Nyah. Your clinic and your staff are stellar examples of the very best in care- of both patients and owners. I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful and thorough care you provided. I cannot say enough good things about you or your clinic. Many thanks for the loving care and expertise. Vickie and Gary

Dr. Pinello, I will never forget your kindness and compassion. Daisy is doing terrific, running around the yard, happy and eating well. We hope to see you for her staple removal. Thanks again! Cindy

Thank you for helping Gela and me (and for all the flowers) through another year. All the best for you! Martina

Dr. Pinello, you have been so good to us and to our animals over the years- you provide a true family service at your clinic. It is hard to believe that there are no four-footers left in our family, but when a new one joins our family we wouldn’t think of bringing him or her to anyone but you. You have been amazingly compassionate to me, particularly in the last several years through the losses of Prozac and Rat. Thank you for doing everything possible to help me extend their lives, and in the end helping me to let them go. I can’t imagine what it must be like to help people through that process. A admire you greatly for what you must give to so many. Thank you for being all of our beloved Dr. Pinello! Anna

Thank you so much for caring so lovingly for all of our animals- most recently to our handsome and dignified “Rat”- and in due process for also caring for our family. Bente

Well that certainly was a grand beginning to the weekend! Thank you so very much for being at the ready to remedy Rocket’s potential misadventure- if it’s there he’ll find it! But he is up and running around as always! Again, many thanks to you! Leigh and Rocket

A special thank you to you and all your animal and clinic care people, for all that you’ve done to keep our animals well and healthy. A word from my heart to all of you there; thanks for the support and care. I means so much to me to have such great care and understanding. My pets are a huge part of my life, their welfare is important. I’m happy to tell everyone what great services the River Road Vet Clinic and all its people offer to me through good times and trying times. Kristyn

Many thanks for your skill and compassion. We love our boy and you saved him. Anna, Kiki, and Sara

Thank you so much for allowing me to use your lab and microscope and for showing me how it works! All of the animals in the clinic are adorable and I enjoyed my short time there. Once again, I am grateful that I was allowed to use your materials. Roger

Thank you SO much for helping support my mom when she had to put Sam down. Your compassion is a loving blanket for the Upper Valley! Jayne

I wanted to thank you for all you did in helping us with Maggie. She was a wonderful dog and we do miss her but we are glad that she is not suffering anymore. Thank you for your lovely flowers, which were used to create a peaceful cross on top of her before we put the soil into her grave. You are a wonderful vet and a kind and compassionate person. I am glad to know you! Ellen

I couldn’t have wished for a more loving, caring, final few minutes for Rose. You made it possible for her to have a good life and at the end, a peaceful death. Thank you! Your beautiful flowers have meant so much to me as they did when Joe died. The delicate, white, bleeding hearts are special. Thank you dear friend! Tinka

Words can’t adequately express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all you did for Carolyn, me and Cocoa Puff at the time of our misfortune and since- especially for you and your staff’s care of my beloved Buddy. You truly showed God’s love in so many ways for coming to get Cocoa and even going the extra miles in getting us all home safely. I know God sees it all and am praying He will bless back all your kindness and love in a way only He can. Bless you. Fay and Cocoa Puff

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for my stray cat. He wouldn’t have survived if you hadn’t opened your doors for him. Now Brenda tells me you have found a wonderful home for him- I am so grateful. I wish there were more people like you who go out of their way to help animals! Debbie

Thanks for your very competent, compassionate care of Sadie. Thanks also for your excellent care of Gary and me. Sadie’s last kiss was a testament to all of your good care. Probably not too many dogs give their vet a parting lick. We miss her and are very certain that we picked the right time to put her down. Thank you. Barbara

Just wanted to do a little something for you for all you tried to do for my Penny. It was awful good of you to let me stay there throughout the night. And thank you for coming over to the Clinic at all hours of the night. It meant an awful lot to me. I still miss her so much but you gave me the chance to share her last few yours together and I am so grateful. Thank you. Martha

Maggie has a fenced in yard, a borrowed Dogloo house and I bought a heating pad for inside the house and a heated water dish. She is “blind as a bat”! Elmer, after being inside for 3 weeks is now back to being an outside cat. His paw is much better and continues to heal. Thank you again for being who you are! You are great! Ellen

Cody is just fine, with time patience and training he will probably be a great dog. We don’t have to worry about his medical care that is clear. We think it is rare for a vet to take the time, as you do, to research, call colleagues, and ask questions to make money thoughtful choices available to pet owners. We very much appreciate that in you, as we do the time you have taken to talk over issues with us. It is above and beyond the usual expectation that vets will be good with a scalpel and the knowledge and experience to get the medical part right. We also appreciate your careful gentle manner with our pup. Thank you very much. Susan

Thank you for all your kindness and compassion toward Fluffy. We appreciate it and feel that she died peacefully and unafraid. Elizabeth

Thank you for your help and kind acts during out loss of Aster. I value you greatly as a friend and veterinarian. Rod and Lindsey

It was so thoughtful of you to send flowers. Marcus was a special kitty and it was real hard to make this decision but I know it was best for him. Thank you again for your kindness. Lilly

Thank you for all taking the time to talk with me and for showing me around your lovely clinic. I very much enjoyed seeing how much pride you take in the practice and your dedication to the animals and people. Thank you for your consideration and time. Sara

We can’t thank you enough for coming so quickly to Jed’s aid and for every thing you and your staff did to make his life a long and happy one. We feel truly blessed. Jill and Bob

We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for the two and four-footed West family members over the past 20 years! Your love and dedication to animals brings tears to our eyes. Anna, Bente, Clifford, Matilda, Rat, Prozac, Phoenix, Vincent, Poochie, Penaut Butter, Amanda, and Snowflake

Thank you Christine, for making my last goodbye to my sweet Booteous Maximous Van Hooch such a dignified and loving “gift to him”. As I suffer, he is free and no longer crippled. Thank you. Nancy

Thank you for the excellent, compassionate care you had for my cat Jupiter. I appreciated your expertise in the best choices for my elderly kitty and your forthrightness in the options for outcome. It is never easy saying goodbye to a part of the family. Thank you for easing the difficulty. Marcia

I just wanted to say thank you for seeing my Min Pin, Max, EARLY last Tuesday morning. After a few doses of Benadryl and a week of rest his “cold” has cleared and he is back to his happy self. You were both so thorough and compassionate, Max and I really appreciate the care you provided. Thank you for being there for us. Heather and Max

Anna, Matilda and I cannot thank you enough for your compassionate and professional care of our pets- and thereby of us. Now, a new pet is coming into our lives. We look forward to having you come visit us soon! Anna, Bente and Matilda

Thank you for providing such wonderful and compassionate care to our dear companion Rio and for helping him to a peaceful death. He was a special member of our little family and will be missed for some time to come. Knowing that you were there to answer questions, provide care, and assist us in decision-making has been a tremendous comfort to us. Polly and Jay

Thank you so much for saving our little boy. We are taking good care of Riley at home, and appreciate all of your time and effort spent saving him. Mila Kundera once said “Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring- it was peace.” Thank you for saving our most peaceful family member, we are forever grateful. Annie, Kiki, and Sara

Paul and I want to thank you for coming to our rescue last Friday and helping us through our terror and sadness. We so appreciated your coming- from your bed- to ease Shana’s seizure and to offer, respectfully, the possible options once her body was relaxed. We know we made the right decision despite our current tears. Your professionalism and nonjudemental manner was sorely needed. We’ll see you again! Margo

Thank you for our loving care and kindness with our sweet Mia. Nancy and Chris

Thank you so much for your caring and thoughtfulness. The flowers were a pleasant surprise and really made our day. Cody is 15 years and 4 months old now. Thanks to you for his good care. Again, thank you so much for your kindness and may the Lord bless you. Ginny, Larry, and Cody

This is to say thank you to you and your helper for coming out in April and putting down my horse, Masterpiece’s Lady “Vanity”. The flowers were VERY much appreciated and made me cry, which was a good thing. Sylvie

I just wanted you to know that Bella the Border Collie is doing wonderfully with the Tramadol. She is up to all of her old tricks, ambushing the Brittaneys, sticking her nose in the guests pockets, of course herding her humans around the house. Thank you for your thoughtful care of her, as always. I really appreciate the extra time you have spent thinking through options with be (and understanding my dog obsession). Elise

We wish to thank you for introducing us to Marley and allowing her to become a member of our farm family. We were deeply impressed by your extraordinary care, support, and loving treatment. Jay and Deb

Thank you Dr. Pinello for my acupuncture treatments. I can play, go upstairs, get up off the floor and not have to lie down in the middle of eating. I go for long walks and can still move the next day. It feels so good to be able to bounce around and run a little and not hurt all the time. I look forward to seeing again. Thank you, Thank you. Yukon

We deeply appreciate the kindness that you extended to us and to Breezy. It was difficult to watch her age but we find comfort in knowing that your wisdom and care extended her life and gave it quality. Lu and Jerry

You will never know how much we appreciate all of the concern and love you have shown us. You are the best. Thank you again for everything. Love and hugs from my mom and dad and licks and barks from me. Gypsy Woman

Thank you from my heart for your care and condolences of Bill. He was super specimen of the animal world. We had a great love affair. I miss him daily. You all did so much for him and me. I am indebted to you forever. Millie

Nearly twelve years ago I was fortunate enough to receive from you two four month old girl kittens who had been born under a porch in Vermont. Their owner had given them to you. Your office called to inquire whether I might be interested in these fluffy girls. I took them home and it was love from me first, the girls weren’t so sure. They finally grew to trust me. Sadie, Samantha and I had many years of affectionate interaction. They had the run of the house. In 2004 I lost Samantha, then most recently Sadie. Although they are now both gone I continue to thank you for having given them to me. Alexandra

Thank you for your incredible care, encouragement and undivided attention towards out best pal Calloway. Your team dedication and mission to provide the most appropriate care is an outstanding service to pet owners. From the tender and practical doctoring and the smiles you all were there for us. No wonder Calloway loved his visits so much. Thank you all for doing what you do. It is appreciated tremendously. He was the best dog ever. Jo and Malcolm

Thank you for being so caring and kind with My Little Girl, Punky. You gave me another seven months of joy with her. I knew she was in good hands when you were all taking care of her. I feel pretty fortunate to have gotten to know all the Angels at River Road. You are all so special. Larry and Deb

Thank you so much for the great care you had given our dog Sadie over the years. We were comforted knowing that she was with very compassionate and caring people. Your efforts are appreciated more than you will ever know. Vicki and Peter

My family and I want to sincerely thank you for the wonderful and sensitive care you provided to our Golden Retriever, Hank, during these difficult days. From the acute management of his illness, to your compassionate end of life care, your office was superb, and we are deeply grateful. Larry and Nora

To the entire wonderful staff at River Road Vet Clinic, thank you for all the kind card, thoughts and for all the wonderful treatment Keiko received for almost seven years of life. She certainly enjoyed going to the clinic. Thank you and Spot the cat thanks you. Len

Thank you for taking such great care of our most beloved friend, Fletcher. He meant the world to a whole lot of people. We were complete strangers to you and you took us in and comforted me and Fletcher. You gave me answers that I needed and were so incredibly gentle and kind. Words can’t express how thankful I am to you all. You are all truly amazing. I knew in my heart that he was treated carefully and respectfully and that makes it a little easier to get through this. Leanne

I am the beauty that Dr. Pinello saved. Fearlessly driving through a raging storm, courageously operating with only flashlights for light. Having never performed this kind of surgery before, she was guided by the vets at the big hospital. She saved my life in more ways than one. After months of medicine and miles of bandages, hours of ground work to rebuild, my muscles and a new farrier I’m as good as new. Several rides 8-10 miles don’t bother me at all. I run and play in the pasture all the time. Thank you all. Blazy

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate everyone’s help in my moment of need. I had never been to your clinic before, my cat was in a very serious situation where she needed surgery on the spot, and you welcomed me as if I had been a client for years. The staff made all kinds of changes in the schedules that day so they could focus on saving my pet and her babies. I was very upset and scared and Dr. Pinello reassured me that your staff would do everything possible for my pet, and you did. And I THANK YOU for that. I still have my very loved Cini and two of her babies that you were able to save, and they are doing well. There is no way I can ever thank you enough for what you did for us. Deb