SediVue Urine Sediment Analyzer

img_7358SediVue Urine Sediment Analyzer

We’re excited to share that we recently purchased a brand new piece of diagnostic equipment for our laboratory! The SediVue Urine Sediment Analyzer is an incredible piece of machinery that is capable of generating an impressive amount of information from just 3-4 drops of urine! In the past, when evaluating a pet’s urine sample our veterinary technicians would spin the sample down in a centrifuge in order to place those cells on a slide and look at them under a microscope. The purpose of examining the urine sediment is to look for cells or crystals that indicate disease or illness. The process was quite time consuming and relied on careful, manual examination of the entire slide in order to produce accurate results.fullsizerender-1

With the touch of one button and just a 3-minute wait, the SediVue is able to analyze, identify, classify and count red blood cells, white blood cells, squamous epithelial cells, nonsquamous epithelial cells, different classifications of bacteria, casts and several varieties of crystals. The technology used in the SediVue is similar to facial recognition software, allowing it to differentiate between clinically relevant cells and particles and other irrelevant particles and debris. It also captures 70 high resolution, autofocused and perfectly contrasted images during each urinalysis, several of which are saved permanently in your pet’s record.

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