Animal Sounds LLC Dr. Anita Pratt Morris has been practicing in the Upper Valley for over 10 years, and for the last 5 has been enrolled in the International Veterinary Ultrasound Society’s certification program. She performs traveling ultrasound at RRVC and is available Wednesday-Friday.

Animal Visions The Holistic Center for Animals and People located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and April Frost offer a variety of great services and classes.

Assistance Dog Resources Great Resources for anyone looking for information on Service dogs.

Burlington Emergency and Veterinary Specialists BEVS is a 24-hour critical care facility located in Williston, VT complete with doctors and staff with advanced training in emergency medicine.

Care Credit Care Credit can be very useful for paying for your pets’ veterinary care. It is very easy to apply for Care Credit and it is accepted at most health care and medical facilities (including River Road Veterinary Clinic).

Companion Animal Parasite Council This website provides great information regarding parasites and your pet.

Emergency Planning for Pets Take a look at this resource if you’re interested in creating an emergency plan for your four-legged companion.

Frontline Fleas and ticks are always a concern for our four-legged friends, and this website provides excellent information regarding these parasites.

Handicapped Pets As our pets are their needs often increase and change. Products, services and support for our elderly, disabled, handicapped and aging pets can be found here.

Help with Vet Bills Are you looking for some financial assistance with overwhelming veterinary bills? Take a look at these resources for some help.

National Council for Aging Care’s guide on Pets for Seniors Are you wondering how you are going to care for your pet as you age in place? Are you wondering if you should adopt a pet as you age in place? This guide will help you decide on the best choice for you.

New England Veterinary Oncology Group N.E.V.O.G. is a specialty group that offers consultations, radiation therapy, a CAT scanner and chemotherapy for animals who have been diagnosed with cancer.

National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association This is a great information website that provides aid and survival information regarding any injured, orphaned or distressed wild animals that you may encounter.

PEAK Veterinary Referral Center PEAK Referral center is a multi-specialty veterinary hospital providing advanced veterinary care in several fields, including cardiology, diagnostic imaging, internal medicine, ophthalmology, oncology, surgery, behavior, and physical rehabilitation. They are located in Williston, VT.

Pet Adoption– 12 blog posts to address common questions regarding adoption, including adoption myths, things to consider before adopting and tips for taking care of a new pet.

Pet Poison Helpline The Pet Poison Helpline is a great resource for any animal poison-related emergency.

Petfinder A great resource for information on animal shelters, adopting a pet, volunteering to help pets, and what to do with your new pet.

Trupanion Pet insurance can be a great asset to your animal health care arsenal. In addition to insurance information this site has some great articles on common pet health issues.

VA Benefits for Service Dogs Did you know that the VA will offer some veterinary health benefits for mobility service dogs? Learn more about this new program here!

Veterinary Diagnostics Center for Canines DNA testing can help tell you exactly what your mixed-breed dog might be! Purchasing information for these kits can be found here.

Veterinary Partner An informative and accurate site that provides medical information about your pets.