Ibizan Hound Rescue

ibiza2 b SMALLWhat is a Podenco?

One of our clients recently adopted an Ibizan hound named Skylar. Skylar came to vist us for a wellness check shortly after she was picked up at the airport. Her upbeat attitude and instant connection to her new family was obvious and has made for a very happy new story for Skylar. Julie was kind enough to share some photos and a little bit of information about her experience with the podenco rescue and her new dog, Skylar with us!

We first heard about Ibizian Hounds, also known as Podencos from a rescue organization we came across on Facebook called Galgos del sol, in Spain.  This is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates abandoned or abused Galgos and Podencos.  These two breeds are used during Spain’s hunting season.  Once the season ends, they are left to die, brought to kill shelters or brutally killed.  It is guessed that over 50,000 of these two breeds are killed annually.  Most do not live to be 2 years of age and most locals in Spain would never consider having a Galgo or Podenco as a pet, as they look down upon them. Although this sighthound breed is known as the Spanish Greyhound, they have no lineage with the greyhound.  Our Podenco has been the best addition to our family.  She is wonderful with children and the most sweet, gentle and appreciative puppy.  She is 10 months, full of love and has a clown-like personality who loves to entertain. We are so thankful she has found her forever home with us!  –Julie

For more information about Ibizan Hound rescue, take a look at the Galgos del Sol rescue website.

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