Hunting Season Safety for Pets

23592_613857472610_1264704_nHow to Keep Your Pet Safe During Hunting Season

Fall is an especially beautiful time to be outside in Vermont and New Hampshire. Your dogs will be grateful for the opportunity to go on a long hike; or take your horses into the country for a ride. However, it is important to remember that fall is also hunting season, which means extra precautions are needed to ensure your pet’s safety. First, check the 2013-2014 schedule to find the dates for hunting in your state. Hunting dates for New Hampshire are available at NH Hunting Dates and hunting dates for Vermont are available at  VT Hunting Dates.

To keep your dogs safe, we recommend going to your local feed store or pet store for blaze-orange coverage for your dog in many available items: bandanas, vests, leashes, etc. An inexpensive alternative is to fit a blaze orange t-shirt on your dog. Be sure it fits snugly and the dog is not tripping on it. Do not use white bandanas or any other white items on your dog, because the white is easily mistaken for the tail of a deer. Keep your dog on a leash while walking or hiking.

To keep your horses safe we recommend keeping them as close to your house and stables as possible. When riding, avoid know hunting areas, ride in open fields, and avoid riding during peak hunting times, such as early morning. If you do come across a hunter, inform them of your planned route. It is best to ride with a buddy. Wear a hunter orange vest and a brightly colored helmet cover. You should also get a brightly colored rump sheet for your horse.

Please call us here at River Road Veterinary Clinic if you have any further questions regarding the safety or your pet during hunting season.

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