Flea Prevention- Comfortis


With the upcoming flea and tick season already upon us, it’s important to remember that preventative flea/tick medication is very important to your dog or cat’s health. All dogs and cats who go outside should be treated with a preventative medication. Treating your indoor cats with a flea medication is also a good idea as it is quite common for indoor cats to become infected with fleas that are already in the home or are brought in by other people or animals that go outside.

Comfortis is a once monthly oral medication that can be used safely on both cats and dogs. Comfortis is distributed by Elanco and is available as a chewable tablet in a variety of sizes. Even though the pill is chewable and flavored most cats will not take it willingly and will need to be pilled. Comfortis does a great job protecting your dog or cat from fleas but it does not offer any protection from intestinal parasites, heartworm disease or ticks. Therefore, it is recommended that all dogs and outdoor cats who use Comfortis as a flea prevention also use a tick prevention. The Scalibor Collar is a great choice for dogs and Frontline Plus is a good option for outdoor cats.

Since Comfortis is an oral medication there is no need to worry about it washing off. There is also no need to worry about other pets in your home grooming it off or your children coming into contact with the product. Additionally, it begins killing adult fleas within 30 minutes. Comfortis should always be given with a meal in order to maximize its effectiveness. Some pets (especially cats) may experience an upset stomach resulting in vomiting. If your pet vomits the pill within one hour another pill should be given. In this case the company will pay for an additional pill. If it is more than one hour after the pill is given when your pet vomits there is no need to re-dose the medication.

If you have any questions regarding the best choice of preventative flea/tick medication for your cat or dog please do not hesitate to call us at River Road Veterinary Clinic.

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