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ScaliborScalibor Collar

With the upcoming flea and tick season already upon us, it’s important to remember that preventative flea/tick medication is very important to your dog’s health. All dogs should be treated with a preventative flea/tick medication. This greatly decreases their chances of contracting a tick-borne illness such as Lyme disease, Ehrlichia or Anaplasmosis as well as keeps them from bringing fleas into your home.

One great product sold here at River Road Veterinary Clinic is the Scalibor flea and tick collar. Scalibor is made by Schering-Plough Animal Health and is very effective at repelling ticks. It is effective for 6 months and reaches its full efficacy after 2-3 weeks of constant wear. This collar has many advantages, including its efficacy at killing all life stages of each type of tick seen in this area. It is also waterproof and odorless. The active ingredient in the Scalibor collar is released through normal friction from wearing the collar and is then carried through the lipid layer of your dog’s skin. Since the Scalibor collar repels ticks this means that they do NOT need to bite your pet to be affected by the deltamethrin. They simply need to climb on your pet to absorb the medication and die.

It is important to note that the active ingredient in the Scalibor collar is deltamethrin which is a derivative of permethrin, a commonly used tick repellent. Unfortunately deltamethrin and permethrin are very toxic to cats. Scalibor collars release very small amounts of medication onto your dog’s skin so the Scalibor collar only presents a problem to the cats in your home if they are apt to groom or eat the collar itself while your dog is wearing it.  In order to combat this problem many of our clients will zip-tie the Scalibor collar to the underside of their dog’s normal collar, protecting it from the roving hands of young children or a curious cat.

Although the Scalibor collar is labeled to protect your dog from fleas (as long as your dog does not have a flea problem when the collar is used initially) we have found that it is not a very effective flea prevention medication. In single dog households it is sometimes enough to provide effective flea control measures but River Road Veterinary Clinic recommends combining the Scalibor collar with another form of flea control. Scalibor collars can be combined with Frontline Plus, Revolution, Comfortis or Trifexis.

If you have an questions regarding flea/tick prevention and what option would work best for you and your pets please do not hesitate to call River Road Veterinary Clinic.

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