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With the upcoming flea and tick season already upon us, it’s important to remember that preventative flea/tick medication is very important to your dog or cat’s health. All dogs and cats who go outside should be treated with a preventative medication. Treating your indoor cats with a flea medication is also a good idea as it is quite common for indoor cats to become infected with fleas that are already in the home or are brought in by other people or animals who go outside.

Frontline Plus is a once monthly topical flea/tick prevention that can be used safely on both cats and dogs. Frontline Plus is distributed by Merial and has been on the market longer than almost any other flea and tick medication around. It is typically considered the safest flea and tick preventative medication and rarely causes reactions.

Frontline Plus enters the lipid layer of the skin and is then distributed over your pet’s body, traveling through their skin and up the haircoat. Fleas and ticks do not necessarily need to bite your pet to be affected by the medication but they can. Fleas are typically killed within several hours, while ticks are killed within 1-2 days. Frontline Plus has worked very well in previous years for flea and tick control but there is recent evidence that some fleas may be developing resistance to Fipronil, the active ingredient in Frontline Plus. Additionally, Frontline Plus does not repel ticks. Ticks need to come into prolonged contact with your pet in order to be killed by the medication. In some cases this means biting and attaching to your cat or dog. The tick should be killed before they are attached to your pet long enough to transmit disease. Frontline Plus is labeled to kill all tick species seen in this area including deer ticks, dog ticks and lone star ticks. Frontline Plus is still the safest and most effective method of tick control to use on your cat.

If you have any questions regarding the best choice of preventative flea/tick medication for your cat or dog please do not hesitate to call us at River Road Veterinary Clinic.

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