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activylActivyl and Activyl TickPlus

With the upcoming flea and tick season already upon us, it’s important to remember that preventative flea/tick medication is very important to your dog or cat’s health. All dogs and cats who go outside should be treated with a preventative medication. Treating your indoor cats with a flea medication is also a good idea as it is quite common for indoor cats to become infected with fleas that are already in the home or are brought in by other people or animals who go outside.

River Road Veterinary Clinic carries a variety of preventative flea/tick medications. The newest addition to our line of products is Activyl. Activyl Tickplus is available for dogs while Activyl is available for cats. Activyl products are made in the USA and are distributed by Merck animal health. Activyl and Activyl TickPlus are topical medications that should be applied monthly. The active flea prevention ingredient in Activyl is a new drug called indoxacarb. Indoxacarb is extremely effective at killing fleas and preventing infestation. When Activyl is applied to the skin of your pet it spreads throughout their lipid layer (not in their bloodstream). When the flea jumps onto your pet, the flea ingests the indoxacarb either by grooming it off of itself or by biting your pet. The indoxacarb is then bioactivated by the enzymes within the flea’s digestive system. This bioactivation causes the indoxacarb to paralyze and kill the flea.

Recent studies have shown that indoxacarb is much more effective at flea control than fipronil (the active ingredient in Frontline products). It is speculated that fleas may be beginning to develop a resistance to fipronil since it has been used as a flea control product for such a long time.

In addition to indoxacarb, Activyl TickPlus also contains an ingredient known as permethrin.  Permethrin is very effective at repelling ticks, but is safe to use on DOGS only. Permethrin is very TOXIC to cats so this product should be used with caution in homes that have both dogs and cats that interact with each other. If you choose to use Activyl TickPlus on your dog the product should dry completely before your dog is allowed to interact with your cat. This can take between 24-48 hours.

Even though permethrin is toxic to cats it is still used with relative frequency as a preventative tick medication because it is so effective. It is labeled to repel all types of ticks found in this area. Unlike the active ingredient in Frontline Plus, permethrin is a tick repellant, which means that the tick simply has to jump onto your dog in order to be killed by the medication. The permethrin spreads throughout the lipid layer and causes death to any tick that climbs onto your pet.

Activyl and Activyl TickPlus are very effective topical preventative flea/tick medications. Please do not hesitate to call us here at River Road Veterinary Clinic if you have any questions regarding this product or any other flea/tick treatments.

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