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cat roomBenefits of a Feline Exclusive Exam Room

Cats often get stressed when it is time to go see the veterinarian. The stress can be due to many different variables like: the car ride, leaving familiar territory, entering an unfamiliar place with many different smells, or noisy dogs in the waiting room. When a stressed cat is in an examination room it may be hard for the veterinarian to get accurate readings. Instead the veterinarian may get incorrect readings of blood pressure and heart rate.

In an effort to make your feline friends feel more comfortable in our hospital, River Road Veterinary Clinic has made a feline exclusive exam room.  This exam room is situated in the back of the office away from the hustle and bustle of the lobby. This room also has a window which overlooks the garden letting in natural light. The room is equipped with soft mats, fluffy towels, feline specific information pamphlets, and feline pheromones.

  • Soft mats: These mats are placed on top of the exam room table to prevent the cat from slipping and sliding. These mats also allow the cats feet to be off the cold metal of the exam table.
  • Fluffy towels: The towels can be used to cover the cat’s head during examinations to make the cat feel as though it has a place to hide.
  • Feline specific information pamphlets: The pamphlets that are kept in the feline room discuss issues like feline rabies, feline leukemia, and feline dental care.
  • Feline pheromones: Feline pheromones will be sprayed inside of the room prior to the exam, these pheromones deliver a calming effect to your cat.
  • Taking apart carriers: Cats often feel most comfortable in places that are familiar to them. With some carriers the veterinarian has the capability to take off the upper half of the carrier and administer parts of the exam while the cat is still in the carrier.
  • Acclimation time: When you enter the office with your cat you will be immediately taken into an exam room to avoid the craziness of the lobby. Once in the exam room you should open the carrier door to allow the cat to come out of the carrier and acclimate to the room on the cats own terms.

All of the members at River Road Veterinary Clinic would like to follow these steps to ensure that your feline friend feels safe and comfortable at our vet office. We want your cats to have a positive experience here at the clinic and we are dedicated to making that happen.

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