Crate Training Your Puppy

introduce-puppy-to-crate-photoWhy Crate Training is a Good Idea

Bringing home a new member of the family is always very exciting. The first several days it can be very difficult to let your new friend out of your sight. Most new puppy owners want to spend as much time as possible with their new companion, including mealtime and night time. However, at some point it is necessary for owners to go back to their routine and it is not always possible to be a constant companion to your new puppy.  This is only one of the reasons that crate training your new puppy is a great idea.

When you are unable to supervise your new puppy it is much safer for them to be confined to a crate or pen where they are unable to get into trouble. Young puppies left to roam a house by themselves are likely to eat and chew inappropriate items or even get stuck in unsafe places. Confining your new puppy to a small, safe place can save your puppy from emergency veterinary visits and can save your home from being damaged.

Crate training your puppy also makes training much easier. When your puppy is confined to their crate they are unable to engage in inappropriate behaviors (such as jumping on counters, biting, chewing unwanted items or urinating/defecating in the house). This means that when you are home and your puppy is loose you are able to supervise and immediately correct these unwanted behaviors. Housetraining is also much easier when your puppy is crate trained as most puppies will not urinate or defecate in their crates. This teaches puppies to hold their eliminations for longer periods of time, and makes it easier to reward eliminations outside as soon as they are removed from their crate.

Many dogs who are crate-trained from a young age learn to love their crate. They learn that it is a safe place where they can go to take a nap or have some peace and quiet. Crate trained dogs typically have fewer behavioral problems, are less anxious, and can have better relationships with their owners (due to a decrease in the amount of discipline and punishment they may receive).

If you have any questions regarding the benefits of crate training your puppy please do not hesitate to call River Road Veterinary Clinic.

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