Case of the Month: Yellow Fungus

beardieYellow Fungus- What is it?

Yellow Fungus is a disease that appears in captive Bearded Dragons. It is caused by the CAN-V fungus and begins initially as yellow patches on small areas of the skin. Definitive diagnosis is made through biopsy. Eventually, the yellow patches grow to cover large portions of the body and the tissue becomes necrotic. Yellow Fungus can progress to involve underlying muscle and bone tissue, resulting in death.


Yellow Fungus is thought to be precipitated by the use of antibiotics in some individuals. Other individuals will contract this disease seemingly at random. Once contracted, it is highly contagious to other reptiles.

Treatment of this disease involves exfoliation of affected areas, topical anti-fungals, oral antifungals, probiotics, isolation and thorough cage cleaning. Even with appropriate treatment affected animals may still succumb to this disease. Owner awareness leading to early diagnosis and treatment gives affected creatures the best chance at recovery.

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