Case of the Month: Mussel Shell Ingestion in a Dog

gwen 1This is Gwen, a 9 year-old dachshund who we all love very much. She is a very sweet girl, who LOVES food! When Gwen’s owner stepped out, Gwen managed to move a chair to open the cabinet where the trash was hidden. Inside the trash was a bag filled with mussel shells. By the time Gwen’s owner returned, Gwen had eaten every mussel shell in sight!

The next morning, Gwen was brought into the clinic, where we took a radiograph. The white pieces are the mussel shells, which were everywhere! There were quite a few pieces in her stomach, as well as a lot of shells in her lower intestines.

Gwen was hospitalized for observation overnight, and was re-radiographed after she had a bowel movement. This radiograph shows some mussel shells still present, but moving through the digestive system. Gwen was very lucky that all the shells passed without causing injury to her intestinal tract! She was discharged that day and made a full recovery at home!

gwen 2gwen 3


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