Case of the Month: A Mystery Stick

delilah1How Did A Stick Get In There?

Delilah, a very cute little mix presented as an emergency last spring. Her owner noticed that she had been chewing on some sticks when she suddenly started whining and pawing at her face.

After a thorough exam- which included listening to hear heart and lungs, and confirmation that she was in serious discomfort, Dr. Melanson and our technicians sedated her with a fast-acting IV sedative.


After less than two minutes we were able to open her mouth where we found that a stick had become lodged on the roof of her mouth between her premolars.

The stick was lodged tightly between her teeth, and would have remained there without sedation and manual removal. Thanks to Delilah’s owner’s diligent observance this potential crisis was quickly averted!

The stick was removed relatively quickly by Dr. Melanson using a pair of hemostats. Delilah was awakened within ten minutes and went home to sleep it off for the rest of the day!





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