Case of the Month: A Fractured Pelvis

oojiCase of the Month: Fractured Pelvis

Oojisama is an 8 year-old neutered male Manx who was brought in to us as an emergency last year. He went missing overnight, and was found outside in a puddle of urine, unable to stand.

A DV (Dorsal-Ventral) radiograph showed that Oojisama had a severely fractured pelvis, most likely due to being hit by a car.

A lateral radiograph showed no additional obvious injuries and all internal organs appeared to be intact. Blood work revealed an elevated white blood cell count, but otherwise normal organ function. Oojisama was given pain medication and an antibiotic and was hospitalized for observation to ensure he was able to urinate and defecate on his own.

Oojisama remained in the hospital for several days on strict confinement, pain medication and antibiotics. He remained in good spirits and continued eating well. He was discharged to his dedicated owners with the instructions to confine him to a small area and do physical therapy on his hind legs several times daily.

One week later, Oojisama returned for a recheck, he was still in high spirits and eating very well. He was able to walk around (mostly on his right leg, due to a torn ligament in his left leg). After lots and lots of physical therapy from his dedicated owners it is now more than one year later and he continues to do very well at home!


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