A Holiday Delivery!

A Holiday Delivery!

Early on Monday, Silvia the sheep started to go into labor. Unfortunately, her labor didn’t progress as well as expected, and 24 hours later she still had not given birth. Her owner brought her to see Dr. Labes and Dr. Pinello who determined that the fetal lamb was positioned incorrectly and that Silvia was not as dilated as she should have been at that stage of labor. Failure of the cervix to dilate is commonly called “ringwomb” and cannot be treated with medication or manipulation of the cervix. The only treatment for ringwomb is to deliver the lamb via cesarean section.

Two of our wonderful technicians, Mary and Christine, prepped Silvia for surgery. With their help, Dr Labes was able to perform a quick and successful C-section on Silvia using a local anesthetic. The C-section went smoothly, and Dr. Labes was able to deliver not just one, but TWO healthy, beautiful, baby boy lambs. Once the lambs were delivered, Mary and Christine were charged with clearing any fluid from their airways, stimulating them to breathe, and making sure they were warm and dry.

All three members of our new favorite little sheep family were able to go home the same day! Both new lambs are thriving and doing great at home!

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