Advanced Life Care for Animals

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Although it is true that birds do not require annual vaccinations in the same way that dogs and cats do, this absolutely does not mean that birds require no veterinary care at all. It is important that your flighted friend be seen by a qualified veterinarian at least once per year. Your vet should see your bird every 6-12 months in order to give them a chance to recognize disease processes and other potential problems early. Providing your bird with routine veterinary care gives them the best chance at living a long and healthy life. Take a look at our newest client handout HERE!


Do you know what a Tono-pen is? This important instrument is used in a veterinary clinic setting to diagnose your pet with some potentially serious diseases! Learn more about Tono-Pen’s HERE!

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The River Road Veterinary Clinic provides veterinary services to the Upper Valley Region- this includes the towns of Norwich, Hanover, Thetford, Lyme, Hartford and beyond. We pride ourselves on providing consistent, quality medicine and surgery for large and small animals.

The wonderful and dedicated doctors and technicians of River Road Veterinary Clinic provide a clean, friendly environment with a special emphasis on compassionate care and understanding. We are a committed group of professionals who are dedicated to the life management and health of your animals. We believe that our pets are an integral part of our family and that you and your pet have the right to expect the best medical and alternative care possible.

We strive to share these beliefs with you in our actions and service. We are profoundly aware of our impact on the animals and people around us, and of the environments we affect. Our priority lies in treating each individual human client and animal patient with the respect and consideration they deserve.

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